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What is a Virtual Conference?

Virtual events are designed to allow attendees to gain knowledge, network, and participate in a full Conference without having to travel! The #ADMINSROCK 2024 Virtual Conference features keynote presenters, panel discussions, networking, and more! Virtual events provide a safe, open space for dialogue and discussions. To help overcome “virtual event fatigue,”

#ADMINSROCK is held over three days to help promote your learning, growing, and finding inspiration. And most importantly, recognizing your achievements as an Administrative Professional. Attendees are equipped with education and knowledge to support them in their daily responsibilities as professionals in the Administrative field.

What technology do I need to participate in a virtual event?

Virtual events take place completely online. The events use a virtual conference platform environment that allows attendees to participate in sessions – we refer to this as your “attendee portal.” For the best experience, we strongly suggest using a desktop or laptop computer and Chrome as your internet browser.

As you join the event, there will be a check that your system is compatible with the virtual environment. We strongly encourage you to please access the attendee portal the day before the Virtual Conference begins, so that if you do have any problems, we can help you troubleshoot, so you have no problems on event day! You will receive a notification in advance of each scheduled session and when you can access the Event platform.

Do I have to attend the entire event?

Virtual events bring the experience of an in-person conference to your personal computer, so just like an in-person conference, you have the freedom to pick the keynote and workshop sessions you attend. Many say that attending the event in its entirety will help you to get the most out of the experience.

As a bonus to all attendees, all sessions are being recorded, and all recordings will be made available to you for 60 days post Conference.

How do I log into the virtual event?

The day before each session, you will receive a dedicated email with your unique log-in. Do not share this with anyone – it is unique to you! This email will give you instructions to access the event portal and a reminder of the minimum equipment required to access the #ADMINSROCK Virtual Conference.

How do I get help if I am having trouble accessing the Virtual Conference or navigating the event portal once I’m online?

If you test your system and visit the event portal before the event, and are experiencing any issues, please email: Rhonda@on-the-right-track.com